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Hello, My name is John Thompson and I'm proud to be running for Washington State Representative in District 20, Position 1. 

There are several reasons that I got into this race. I want to contribute to my community and I'm tired of seeing our education system struggling both financially and without better outcomes. I know that not every student goes to college and we must provide them with better skills and opportunities to be successful. I'm proposing apprenticeship programs in every High School. We need to create more jobs for our citizens, I would propose increasing the state’s funding for infrastructure to improve our roads, bridges and facilities. And when I see this great country with all its wealth still have some of the poorest healthcare outcomes, I know we need to improve our health care system to provide health care for all.

Also, I did not want to see the current incumbent get a free ride without an opponent again as he has had 3 elections without a Democrat stepping up to run against him. He has been there for 22 years. I want to see career politicians retired and new people with new ideas and new energy to get things done for our communities.

Please look at my issues page to see where I stand on the issues.


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PO Box 175, Toutle, WA 98649

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